Me and the City

Woke up this morning
The glass of wine is still next to me
without any warning
See piles of paper
Each with the same request
Please work for me no never rest
But I just close my eyes turn around
Sleep again for a while

mhm mhm

I’m still tired couldn’t get enough sleep
I thought quite a lot about you thought quite a lot about me
And now I need a coffee and a big tree
That casts a cool shade over me and the city

mhm mhm mhm over me and the city
Yeahey yeahyey yeahey over me and the city

I need a black horse
That leads me out of this city jungle into the
Forrest over the fields and over
the hills and out of this daze

Sometimes you’re longing for things that are
So easy to get but you’re not
Able to break out of your
Every day life in your head

All I really need is you babe
Feel your arms around me
do you see the trees are growing
my bedroom is full of
Flowers do you feel the wind is blowing



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