Bubblin, bubblin

(Single "Witchcraft 2001")

Bubblin, bubblin, bubblin - I'm a witch, I'm a witch... (4x)

I think of the long nights, I think of the times
When the little girl was growing up and the little girls fight
She wonders about her, wonders about her
Red shaggy hair

Refrain 1:
Will you believe if I say my name
Will you understand
Should I try to explain

Refrain 2: (2x)
Well you say you love me
Well you say you care
But think of tomorrow
Will you love me as well

Bubblin, bubblin, bubblin - I'm a witch, I'm a witch... (3x)

You don't want me to hide the
deep sadness - and you
don't want me breaking
- breaking you down
you don't want me to cry
don't want me to cry
but I'm walking away

She walked 15 miles
All alone on the street
Crying and crying
What does the little girl fear
Don't say you are hopeless
Don't say you are hopeless
Help her to breathe

Refrain 1

Refrain 2

Bridge (4x)
Say you love me...
Say you care...

Bridge 2 (4x)
Say you love me
Well you say you care
But think of tomorrow
Will you love me as well

Bubblin, bubblin, bubblin - I'm a witch, I'm a witch... (fade out)



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