Follow Me

von Come Along

I say folow me and you follow me

lightning, striking, laughing
red lips, hate, a pair of Japanese
black hair, curls and going
running, traffic lights, yellow-red-green
cars in different colours
everey day and every night
jumping on the street
and I know her hair was tight
and I follow - in the dark

boys and girls are squealing
blue jeans, high heels,
klak klak and the moon
dress by dress is coming
glimmer, shimmer, party night live soon
clubs, hotels, policemen
everybody, me and someone kind
following our faith lines
shadows, closes shops
and an open mind
I follow - in the dark


burger, chips and stupid people
coins are lying on the floor
beer, drugs, smoke, greentables
and a white skull on a black door
crossings, shy guys, bitches
dancing, lamps reflecting in the skay
the never ending story seems
to go on every time
I follow - in the dark


follow in the night and dark...

ich glaub ich kann so nicht lachen
das ist ja mal ne anstrengende arbeit