Boys & Girls (Album Version)

von What does it mean?

(aus dem Album "What does it mean")

Don't you know the story
about girls and boys
Never thought about lovin'
and there's no helpin' out

Did you ever count the stars
Did you ever walk on clouds
Did you ever feel like heaven
Did you ever fell in love

Is it love - what do you think
Is it love - what's going on
And is it love - boys and girls
Is it love...

Up and down, smile and crying
That's my love story
So just let it go, you`ve found my...
you`ve found myself in me

My dirty shoes tell me
of our last night dance
Oh just the way you touch me
Oh boys and girls


Is it love - what do you think
Is it love - what's going on
And is it love - boys and girls
Is it love...

Tear by tear my love is running
down my cheeks
Tear by tear you are catching
more and more of me
Did you ever count the moon
Did you know you can`t walk on clouds
But I still feel like heaven
Did you ever cry for love

Refrain (2x)

What do you think



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